Tarot layouts and readings - putting it all together


Once you have chosen your cards and Tarot layouts, fully learnt the individual meanings of each card and layout, it is time to fit these together to give a reading.

Personal styles will vary, but I try to involve the Questor as much as possible. Before even giving them the cards to shuffle, I'll ask if they have had a reading before, want to investigate any particular issues, or have any worries.

This is partly to highlight any issues that may come up later, but mainly to find out a bit more about their personality, and what they hope to gain from the reading.

A quick explanation that the cards drawn relate to them, and that we'll need to work together in their interpretation helps them feel involved. It also pre-establishes an explanation of any failure if you get someone with a 'prove it to me' mindset. Readings take co-operation, without which there probably won't be a satisfactory outcome.

Once the cards have been selected, I'll then turn them over one at a time and talk them through each of the cards and the position they occupy, explain the different possible meanings and significance. This will give me the opportunity to ask the occasional simple question about any possible relevance for them.

Hopefully, by the time all the cards are in position, it will be possible to pick up on any resonance with the past and the present. If things still remain foggy, I'll try to concentrate more on the future.

Afterwards, a quick review of the experience is always useful. Feedback can help you improve your abilities and to confirm that you have not left your Questor in a distressed state.

And that's everything?

Hardly! If you remember, back at the start of the 'Doing it' page, you were advised that every reading should be a performance. Forget this, and you will short-change everyone.

The similarities between theatre and established faiths have been noted before. They both share a love of ritual, a sense of occasion a passion for elaborate costume.

To use a theatrical expression, remember to 'dress the set'. In other words, think about the background looks. Remember to dress appropriately, be clean (especially the fingernails!) and tidy, prompt, courteous and professional

And remember to be fully conversant with your subject. Memorise everything properly!

Start small, build up, gain experience

Give small, informal readings first and then move up as your experience, self confidence and awareness develop.

"How do you eat an elephant?
One bite at a time!"

I do hope that this has been useful for you.

Please let me know what you think, and remember to check back (or sign up for priority notification) to see fresh details as they are added.

All my best,