Death Tarot card


The Death Tarot card.

In spite of what many muggles think, no, this card does not mean that you are just about to pop your clogs.

The actual meaning can be taken as 'transition, cyclical change, alteration, clearing the way for transformation, loss, failure and the beginning of a new area'.

But we have a problem.

A Questor will just look at the card, especially one of the more graphically portrayed ones, and jump to the wrong conclusion. Even if you explain the actual meaning until you are blue in the face.

Here is a quote from a far more experienced Reader than myself 'believe me, even those people who say it is all rubbish look worried when the Death card turns up.'

So before you give Tarot readings, you should decide if you should remove this card before you start.

I'm not going to recommend this or not, or say what I do. It is up to you to decide.

If you are unsure, here is a technique to help you.

In psychology, where it is impractical or impossible to set up an experiment to test a theory, you can use a 'thought experiment' instead.

Not only will this help you get an answer, but there is no need to round up participants, or sweep up bits of rat brains afterwards!

Imagine yourself in the following three situations, and work out how you would feel afterwards.

A parent asks that you give a reading for their child. You can tell that the youngling does not really understand the meanings you give, but is fascinated by the pictures.

The Death card comes up, and the child starts crying. The parent is highly distressed as well, thinking that you were just going to do a 'spoof', 'light and fluffy' reading (read more about giving readings for children elsewhere on this site).

You are giving readings at a wedding, and the Bride and Groom ask you to tell their future. It has been a great day, and all the guests crowd round. The Tarot Death card comes up. Do you think that this could put a bit of a dampener on the rest of the evening?

You give a series of readings at an event. There is no way to get an impression about the Questors in advance. One comes in, and seems a bit jittery. You give a reading, and the Death Tarot card comes up in a 'present' or 'future' position.

Afterwards, they seem a lot calmer, and thank you for helping them make a decision. You hear in the following week that they have committed suicide.

Your choice

As I said, make up your own mind on this. We must all decide things for ourselves, and take the credit - and accept personal responsibility - based on the consequences.

I'm not suggesting that any of the above will, or even could happen. But I am aware of what my own thoughts would be if they did.