Free Tarot spreads


Here are a few free Tarot spreads of my own.

Some can be used in different configurations. I've suggested some, please let me know if you come up with any of your own. I would also be happy to host, fully credited, any Tarot spreads that you would like to share.

Please feel to use them yourself for private readings, and to share with others under the same terms as outlined on each page.

Being the sort of person who has an open mind and an interest in the more spiritual side of life, I know I can trust you to not abuse these conditions.

If you want to design any layouts to test yourself, I'd suggest taking some time out to browse through a library for some inspiration.

The Morris TarotTM


Use this layout to examine the potential future of a specific objective, especially anything connected with the arts.

Odd numbered cards denote the background of the Questor at points in the journey, even numbers the influences along the way.

The Musician position represents an overall driving force, starting a process and controlling the momentum.

The Fool – a wild card. An over-riding random factor that can work to the good, or the bad.

Click here for PDF file - The Morris Tarot.TM

The Stonehenge TarotTM


Three possible layouts for readings, using 11, 15 or 41 cards...

The Stonehenge TarotTM

Please click on this link for some conventional

free Tarot spreads.