Interpreting Tarot cards


So you've chosen a deck, decided what cards to use and know how you want to lay them out.

Time to move on to finding out about interpreting Tarot cards. This is quite a big subject, so let's break it down a bit. It makes sense to cover some basics first, move on to the meanings of the individual cards, then find out how to put everything together.

Firstly, I'm sure that everyone would agree that it is an art, not a science, and a very subtle one at that.

It is not a case of simply reading down a list and then offering the result as blunt fact.

As well as the individual meaning of each card, you'll need to consider its relationship and position to the others, and be open to any feedback from the Questor.

But firstly, please let me remind you, with the utmost respect, that you should -

Remember that you'll be giving a performance!

Before giving your first reading, please make sure that you have memorised all these meanings, and can talk confidently and with authority.

Scraps of paper, notes and 'crib sheets' will leave your Questor feeling cheated, and generally devalue the experience for the rest of us.

Although it can be okay to refer to a suitably impressive tome for guidance on a particularly sticky point, 'Now I seem to a remember a discussion in the past regarding the significance of the (????) card when drawn in conjunction with (?????)'.

And as well as learning what to say, you'll also need to learn -

How to say it!

Start by giving the standard meanings for cards. After all, we are not just 'fishing' for clues to use in a 'Cold reading', in which the cards have no relevance at all.

But do let the Questor have as much of a dialogue with you as they want.

Some will be trying to catch you out, with a 'go on then, prove it' attitude.

Be relaxed about this, explain that readings are not an exact science, and sometimes it isn't possible to create a strong bond between the cards, Questor and Reader. Say that you'll just explain the traditional meaning of their cards, and let them see if it makes any sense to them.

Others will approach the whole experience actively seeking to make sense of the cards. Work with them to find a meaning that fits for them.

And some will require you to do nothing more than be talked at, nodding sagely and providing the required 'oohs' and 'ahhs' at the relevant points of their life story.

Never try to force you reading in these cases, there is no need to prove you abilities.

Allow every Questor to have the experience that they want.

You may find that some serious unresolved personal issues come up. In these cases, be a sympathetic listener and avoid giving any kind of reading which could cause problems - keep it light and upbeat.

If you can, move the conversation round to working with others to resolve the problem, especially professionals. You may even feel it appropriate to bring the problem to the notice of a third party.

To find out about the meanings of individual cards,

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