Meaning of each Tarot card


There are links from this page to down loadable grids that give you versions of the meaning for each Tarot card.

You can of course adapt it as much, or as little as you want - especially in relation to the cards you are using.

Some decks come with their own meanings, these should be fully explained with the accompanying documentation.

Click here for a general list of the meaning of each Tarot card, and here for my own one, based on the Scapini deck - My list

How to learn the meanings

Don't panic!

The task of learning each individual meaning may appear daunting at first, but the cards themselves will prove your greatest ally.

More about memory improvement techniques later (I've learnt these through studying both psychology and mentalism), for now I'll just say that the more memorable the pictures on the deck you have chosen, the easier it will be to 'encode' the meaning of each Tarot card.

Think of short stories to link meaning and card together, you may even find that some cards strongly suggest a different interpretation to you. That's fine, just go with what feels right.