Prepare Tarot cards

Chariot Tarot card

Some believe that a link develops between a deck of Tarot cards and the owner. They take great pains to prepare Tarot cards before the first use.

It does obviously make sense to familiarise yourself fully with the cards, and it is better if they don't look absolutely brand new.

Beyond that, it is very much up to you how you prepare them.

Feel free to perform a ritual to 'bless' the deck, sprinkle them with a pinch of salt (irony intended) and some water - sleep with them under your pillow, carry them around with you during the day, wrap them up with crystals, handle them as much as possible.

There is no 'right' answer or fixed method.

As is so often the case with Tarot, the correct method is the one that feels 'right' for YOU.

If you think that your actions will have an effect on you are eventual reading of the cards, you are probably right.

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