Tarot cards and 'warm reading'

Tarot - Popess

Cold reading - whether active or passively done - occurs on the spot, without any need for prior information about the subject.

Warm reading relies on having information in advance.

This can be gained by straight-forward research, swapping notes with someone else 'in the trade', questions asked in advance (and then forgotten about by the subject) or even from a quick 'dip' into a handbag or pocket.

Doris Stokes would invite those who had written to her to come along to large meetings. The personal details from their letters could then be revealed as if they were from 'the other side' - amazing all the audience (with one obvious exception).

If you ever attend a psychic or similar event where the audience are asked to write down questions on pieces of paper, don't be surprised if someone is then able to guess the names and questions in advance. If you'd like to book me, I'd be happy to arrange such an event for you.

But believe me - no supernatural forces would be involved at all!